The Tama Lodge is a colourful dream, dropped somewhere on one of the most beautiful beaches of the Petite Côte (Small Coast), with its shades of blue sea, coconut tree green, white sand and red African land.

The hotel's beach is a permanent spectacle living on Senegalese pace. Peaceful, quiet and voluptuous until the end of the afternoon, just disturbed by the swinging pirogues on the sea, then, slowly awaked by the first traditional Senegalese wrestling practices, football games, and children bathing in the quiet water. From Tama Lodge's hammocks, the beach is a true celebration, where you can watch Senegalese heart beating.

When the sun sets on the ocean, the moon comes in and bathes the place in a strange light. The beach gets empty until the morning, and Tama Lodge dives into African magic, and the hotel gives the unique sensation of being at the end of the world.

In the restaurant, candles are lit for dinner, at a few steps from the waves. The place’s magic and charm will treat your taste buds to delight.

Les couleurs du Sénegal
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Feet in the water

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