Tama Lodge’s bar and restaurant are now only opened to the hotel’s guests, offering a personalized and close service, in a genuine and authentic environment, exclusively.

According to deliveries, our chef offers a daily menu with a skilful combination of fresh market fruits and vegetables, fish, local meats and garden herbs. Senegalese dishes with grilled fresh fish, zebu kebabs and, of course, wonderful exotic fruits… Tama Lodge’s restaurant will delight you with its simple and exquisite cuisine, enhancing the taste of fresh and quality products.

Our staff is attentive to make your African experience unforgettable, and will make sure all your special needs are fulfilled : lobsters, shrimps, gambas or the national dish, the Thiéboudienne… Travelling also means tasting, and Tama Lodge’s restaurant will be your guide through this experience.

Les couleurs du Sénegal
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Frontwater restaurant

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