If you are dreaming of an exotic and sunny break, avoiding a long journey, Senegal is the perfect destination for you. With less than 6 hour lasting flights between Europe and Dakar, short time lag (one or two hours according to the season) you’ll avoid jet lag and enjoy, as soon as landed, the country’s smooth way of life.

Senegal is situated in the westernmost part of Africa, along the Atlantic Ocean, with 700 km (435 miles) of sandy beach. All the country is an outstanding experience with its different regions : the Small Coast (“Petite Côte”) and its sunny beaches, the charm of Saint-Louis city,  the bolongs and rock island maze in Siné-Saloum delta, Tambacounda opening the way to oriental Senegal, or the sumptuous and green Casamance.

At 80km (50 miles) south from Dakar, Tama Lodge is anchored on the Small Coast (“Petite Côte”), on a sandy beach, in a greenery nest. Between Saly’s seaside resorts and Mbour’s colourful and busy port and market, Tama Lodge is standing at a crossroads. At Tama Lodge, tradition and comfort, luxury and simplicity, charm and authenticity make a good match.

Les couleurs du Sénegal
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All the charm of Senegal

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